Tokimeki♡Sendenbu “Kisetsu Hazure no Tokimeki♡Summer” MV Released

Tokimeki Sendenbu

The MV for Tokimeki♡Sendenbu titled Kisetsu Hazure no Tokimeki♡Summer has been released.

There will be 4 different versions, with the Doki-Doki version featuring a DVD with the members of the group doing Kimodameshi (going to haunted areas at night during summer) with a dance MV. Pyon-Pyon version will include the coupling song titled Pyon-pyon. Don-don version will have a coupling titled Don Worry and the final version titled Tokikuri will have a coupling titled Santa-san ga … Yattekonai!.

The song itself is quite upbeat with a colorful video alongside Hawaiian dresses and some interesting shots of the members being shot by water, getting hit by beach balls, as well as some cute scenes with drawings on the members.

From what I saw it’s quite the active and upbeat song so fans will definitely be pleased. It’s nothing that will revolutionize the face of music, but it’s decent.

We’ll be enjoying this single on December 2, close to the holidays!

Source: Tokimeki Sendenbu OHP