FES☆TIVE “Kingyo no Kin-chan” MV Released

Fes-tive Kingyo no Kin-chan

FES☆TIVE has released the MV for their song Kingyo no Kin-chan.

Feeling like seeing some fish and some cute idols sing along to a happy and fast paced electronic song while dancing in a dance hall? Have we got the perfect video for that!

The song itself is quite lighthearted with a relaxed pace to it and a slight kid tone to it due to the “Kin-chan” lines. Of course, these are idols so some sexy scenes are in order and the shots of the members in cute dresses in the other half of the video are sure to make you have the same look as the goldfish.

November 25 was the release so the single is out and ready for fans to swim and get it!