manaminorisa “ν Polaris Ab/Gyakushuu no Polaris” MVs Released


manaminorisa have revealed the short MVs for their double A-side single titled ν Polaris Ab/Gyakushuu no Polaris.

Laundromats and idols surprisingly match well and the MV provides a nice representation of what all of us do when we wash clothes: dancing to idol songs while transforming into power rangers in between. The song itself is catchy and has a nice beat so I do love how well it turned out.

The accompanying song Gyakushuu no Polaris has a harder beat to it and a simpler MV which is basically just white and black themed. The simplicity of the video is a nice change and provides a chance to focus on the song.

The contrast between the two is amazing and results in a full single for fans to enjoy.

Release is set for December 22, so it seems like a perfect last minute Christmas gift for those idol fans in your life!

ν Polaris Ab

Gyakushuu no Polaris