Faint⋆Star “Never Ever” MV Released

Faint Star never ever

Faint⋆Star have revealed the MV for their upcoming electronic heavy single titled Never Ever.

Releasing on April 9th, this single will also be used as the theme song for the upcoming movie titled Dokumushi.

  1. Never Ever (ネヴァエバ)
  2. Hoozuki
  3. Ms.Question
  4. Never Ever – ☆Taku Takahashi Remix –
  5. DESTRUCTION – Ikeuchi Yoshikatsu Remix –

From the start alone the image and look of the covers, outfits, and profile pictures should be enough for fans to know that we’re in for a catchy electronic release from this duo and they don’t disappoint.

With electronic sounds, the MV starts off with a blast that is sure to catch the attention of electronic idol fans such as Perfume. At first glance it might be similar in style to them, but Faint☆Star manages to make the song as unique as possible to fit them better.

Regardless of which cover belongs to which single (this should be fixed soon hopefully), it seems like a solid release for fans to enjoy and one well worth a look for fans of the electronic idol genre.

Faint⋆Star OHP | CDJapan