Up Up Girls 2 Add New Member Nakaoki Rin

Up Up Girls 2

Up Up Girls 2 have added a new member to their lineup: Nakaoki Rin.

The initial lineup for Up Up Girls 2 was revealed back in February.

Up Up Girls 2 Nakaoki Rin

The announcement came as a surprise to many since we seemed to believe that the 4 member lineup was set.

Thankfully, we got to see an introduction video for Nakaoki Rin and it seems like she will fit right in with the rest of the lineup. Of course, this is the internet so fans have also done their part and dug up some more info about her.

It seems like she is from a former idol group in the Toyama area called Vienolossi. Not much info appears to be revealed about when she parted ways with them, but using the power of the internet I managed to dig up her profile from her time in Vienolossi:

Vienolossi Nakaoki Rin

  • Nickname: Norin
  • Birthday: March 14th, 2001
  • Hometown: Toyama
  • Special skill: Large rope jump, hopping

It’s not unheard of for idols to jump to a bigger group. In fact, two members of UUG(2) already are former idols: Yoshikawa Mayu and Takahagi Chinatsu who were both in local groups of their own.

It’ll be interesting to see just how she fits in with the rest of the lineup, but for now it seems like the low initial member count makes some sense. Hopefully we get to see her in action soon!

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