Wa-suta fight in a cat-themed RPG for their “Meranya Iza!!!!! ~Kimi ni, A・Ge・U♪~” MV

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Wa-suta fight in a cat-themed RPG in the MV for Meranya Iza!!!!! ~Kimi ni A・Ge・U♪~.

Out June 26th, the track is part of their upcoming mini-album titled The Legend of WASUTA.

Who’s ready for a ton of cat idols? Wa-suta have you covered with an MV packed full of color and RPG inspired scenes.

We kick off the MV with the members all wearing their colorful cat idol outfits as they talk to a cat king. From there, they’re tasked with saving the cat kingdom with their cat powers and they go out into the world to capture the evil being. It’s a traditional RPG story, and one that has some interesting scenes included for Wa-suta fans to enjoy.

The song has a rather epic feel to it, with a song that feels right at home for those who are about to go on an adventure or just to the store. It’s traditional Wa-suta at their finest, with the song having a magical feel to it that instantly transports you to another world.

Ready to embark on an epic adventure full of cat-themed idols? Get ready to adventure below and grab a copy of their mini-album below!

Meranya Iza!!!!! ~Kimi ni , A・Ge・U♪~

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