BEYOOOOONDS release 3 MVs for their debut single


BEYOOOOONDS have released the 3 MVs for their major debut single titled Megane no Otoko no Ko / Nippon no D N A! / Go Waist.

Out August 7th, the single will be released in Limited (A, B, C), Regular (A, B, C).

It’s time. BEYOOOOONDS is the newest group from Hello! Project and for a while we have been waiting to hear back from this interesting concept of an idol + theater group. So, how is their unique concept?

Megane no Otoko no Ko

As the title suggests, Megane no Otoko no Ko is a story of a boy with glasses that all of the girls are into. If you didn’t know then you’ll know after the almost 2 minute intro (with subtitles) about the story.

For the most part, this is something that we’ve seen with other idol groups do. But, BEYOOOOONDS do a perfect job of setting up the story as a play and not like a drama. That is pretty unique and almost makes me forget that the song is pretty short, but the added manga theme helps set everything up perfectly.

In fact, the song is most likely the best out of this single because of its story and the catchy way in which the members act out each line. It’s this acting that sells us on the story and makes for an amazing treat as the video plays.

It’s a story of love dressed up as a catchy song with some manga themes thrown in, so if you’re into that then you’ll love this MV!

Nippon no D N A!

Next up we have a story that packs in what makes Japanese people so unique. It’s a unique theme for an idol song since there are a lot of lyrics that speak about society and a slight jab at why people are so polite even though they feel emotions.

Sound exciting? Not really, but if you give it a chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I’m not sure if the person who made the lyrics was just frustrated and wanted to vent but they manage to do it in an extremely fun way as we see the BEYOOOOONDS crew burst into an office building. Seeing so many people sing and dance along is pretty entertaining, with this being a more exciting MV when compared to Megane no Otoko no Ko.

Also, there’s a keytar in there that’s played by Momohime.

That alone makes this MV worth it.

Go Waist

Do you ever feel like you need to get fit? Well, get ready to see an 80’s styled MV with the members singing about their ideal body to a funky beat. At first it seems like a low budget MV, but the fact that they make the MV look like a series of TV infomercials is a treat.

Go Waist is a unique song when compared to others since it has a funky beat with synthesizers. Not enough for you? How about some rapping vocals thrown in there? OK, it’s not as exciting as the other songs but it is a fun and unique song that will get your blood pumping as you workout along with the members.

The added scenes of Saya going in there and just wrecking all of the TV shows is pretty funny, especially because of the painted abs and backwards baseball cap. Seeing her turn back from a jock to a normal girl is the best part of the MV as well.

Overall, BEYOOOOONDS is a pretty awesome group. They add a variety of spoken lines to their songs which helps set them apart to other groups. Sure, they might be new but their singing, dancing, and energy is already on par with other established H!P groups.

I’m excited to see how BEYOOOOONDS evolve, but for now make sure to give those MVs a watch and grab a copy of those singles below!

beyooooonds megane otoko cover limited a
Limited A

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beyooooonds megane otoko cover regular a
Regular A

cdjapan affiliate

beyooooonds nippon dna cover limited b
Limited B

cdjapan affiliate

beyooooonds nippon dna cover regular b
Regular B

cdjapan affiliate

beyooooonds go waist cover limited c
Limited C

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beyooooonds go waist cover regular c
Regular C

cdjapan affiliate

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6 thoughts on “BEYOOOOONDS release 3 MVs for their debut single

  1. Also, Go Waist is a version/cover of the Village People song ‘Go West’, which I found pretty mind-blowing. In my memory, it’s quite rare for an idol group to do a cover or version, especially of a Western song.

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    1. That is quite interesting! I didn’t realize it was a cover, but it’s good to see them cover such ab obscure song (for those unfamiliar with Village People)


  2. I guess it became obscure now 😹 it kind of fell through the cracks of history. But it was pretty famous from its release all the way to the 90s (when it got a famous cover by the Pet Shop Boys, then later a surprising popular radio remix). It’s one of the all-time Great Gay Anthems, I suppose.

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