Every♥ing “Shining Sky” MV Released

Everything Shining Sky

Every♥ing has released the MV for their upcoming single titled Shining Sky.

The single will be theme song for the anime Ooya san wa Shishunki, and it will be released this February 10. There are three versions for this single: Limited edition featuring the MV and Making Of, Regular, and a Special Chara-ani edition that will feature a DVD for their final live for Colorful Story’s 39 lives.

Anime songs are usually upbeat and feature a nice catchy sound that fans find easy to remember and this song is no different.

With a happy rock sound as well as many colorful settings at a school alongside a fun dance that many will probably want to dance, it’s an amazing release for this duo who are showing off their cute vocals.

Of course, it’s not the full MV but it’s a nice preview for fans, so make sure to check it out!

Every♥ing Shining CDJapan

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