Morning Musume ’16 62nd Single Announced

Morning Musume 16

Morning Musume ’16 have announced the release of their 62nd single titled Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Sou Janai / Mukidashi de Mukiatte.

Out November 23rd, the single was announced at Morning Musume 16’s MY VISION concert tour.

Sou Janai was written by Tsunku and will feature Makino Maria as center.

For now not much info is known on the single itself, but it seems like we’re in for an interesting release with one of the most notable songs being Sexy Cat no Enzetsu.

Will the song / single lean more towards a sexy look with seductive dancing? Or, will we see a more upbeat and bubbly release with all the members wearing cat ears?

Time will tell since not much info is known at the moment, but stay tuned since the upcoming months should reveal more info about this exciting single!