Kame here, formerly known as Ado.

Kimi.Kame is your source for the latest Idol and J-pop music news and reviews. From Morning Musume to AKB48, alternative to traditional idols, and everything in between.

Started in 09.2015, this site will be the spiritual successor for Hello! SayuNii. H!SN was made as a Hello! Project-focused website that ultimately lead to an amazing fan base, and has been one of the highlights of my life.

Now, instead of limiting myself to only one company, I’ve decided to branch out and cover the myriad of idol and J-pop groups that are at the forefront of Japan.


One thought on “About

  1. Youre amazing! Me I don’t like to believe in genders bc I resent being a born female and have issues with it yet don’t want to get surgery or anything and it’s complicated. Bc I’ve always considered myself a boy by identity just female by Body and technically. Random but point is other people can get sensitive a out gender. I for some reason always imagine you a female if you are phew! If not I hope I don’t accidentally ever refer to you as a girl. So if you ever see a post say I slip up and say something like “check out my home girls idol news source at kimikame.com!” Please correct me…. I’m sorry I posted this here delete it…… I doubt I’ll make that mistake but heads up that I accidentally assume you a female! I’d love to talk more tho email me at abbie at idoltrashdotcom or Twitter @idolcomputer or instagram idoltrash or snow cam girltrash or snapchat aibones (snowcam is Japanese snapchat way better….)
    I have no friends idol obsessed so it would be nice

    Kittenish aka Aibon aka shh my real name Jihyo. Well it’s Jessa Abigail but my Korean name given by my Korean mom is Jihyo and family name is Bae shhh

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