Dots Sing On A Starry Night For “Kimi ni Ochiru Yoru”

dots idol 2018

Dots, also known as ・・・・・・・・・, sing on a starry night for the MV of their track titled Kimi ni Ochiru Yoru.

Out since January 12th, the track is part of their album titled 『       』.

Remember Dots? These mask wearing idols with a very artsy style have been active for some time in the indie idol scene. Now they’re back to promote their 1st album titled ” ” (yes, the name of the album is just a space) with a new MV.

In this MV we get to see the members as they stand in several formations on top of a starry sky. It’s a pretty standard MV visually, but the song is simply one of the best I’ve heard. With an upbeat sound, we get to hear each member pour their all into each line, making for a rather epic beat.

Sure, the noise songs and the art performances are cool and all, but having some actual songs to enjoy is great since we can enjoy each member and their unique vocals. Make sure to check out this starry MV below!

Kimi ni Ochiru Yoru

dots 1st album cover



  1. Nee
  2. Kimi ni Ochiru Yoru
  3. Trinity Dive
  4. Soda Float Kibun
  5. Bungaku Shoujo
  6. Hoshikuzu Feedback
  7. Cider
  8. Satellite
  9. Slide
  10. 1998-

Dots 1st Album OHP