Happiness “Sexy Young Beautiful” MV Released

Happiness Sexy Young Beautiful

Happiness has released the MV for their single titled Sexy Young Beautiful.

There will be a limited edition and a Regular version with the DVD having an MV for the single. Both versions will have the b-sides Born to be Free and Wish -2016-.

Release is set for February 3rd, which seems close but it seems like having a tie in with KOSE’s FASIO clothing line is a nice plus to have for promotion.

As for the MV itself, it’s what you expect from this talented group, a nice video showing off their dancing skills as well as a random room where the girls play together and have a girls night out.

The song itself is quite interesting, with a nice beat and the nice vocals we have come to love from them. Being somewhat far away from the hip hop scene I can’t really say if I love it or not, but I do love the sound and vocals so that’s always a plus.

Definitely worth a check from this talented group!

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