Momoiro Clover Z Announce USA Tour

Momoiro Clover Z Concert

Momoiro Clover Z have announced that they will be holding a tour in the USA.

While short, the locations so far are New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. No more details are known at the moment but we should get the dates soon.

While we might not know much, I am excited to see this talented idol group make their way over to the USA and perform for fans here.

Momoclo fans in the USA – Get hyped!

Momoiro Clover Z OHP

2 thoughts on “Momoiro Clover Z Announce USA Tour

  1. This is such a great surprise! As a Momoclo fan, I’d love to see them live in NY. I’m already seeing Perfume this september, so hopefully the two concerts will be far enough apart so they fit both my schedule and my budget (haha).


    1. I hope so too, Momoclo and Perfume are both must see groups. Since they haven’t released dates I imagine it could happen around Winter, but fingers crossed it happens after September so you can do both!

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