Perfume To Star in Drama Titled “Panse”

Perfume drama Panse

Perfume have announced that they will be starring in a TV Tokyo drama titled Panse.

The drama is about a group of 3 childhood friends (Nocchi, A~chan, and Kashiyuka). A~chan will play an office worker called Don-chan, Nocchi will play an unemployed character called Noribu, and Kashiyuka will be a girl who helps out with her family’s business called Okamido.

Together they buy a Western-styled house for cheap in exchange for taking care of Rikimaru. Upon moving in they learn that they’ve fallen into a trap.

The drama will air from March 31st until April 1st.

Usually dramas tend to feature only one member, but thankfully fans of this trio are in for a treat with all of them being part of it. So far the story seems pretty interesting, with the initial details promising a rather fun story for those involved.

Make sure to tune in for the drama once it airs!

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