HKT48 wear capes in “Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hashitteru no ka?” and dance among flowers in “Chamomile”

hkt48 ishi

HKT48 wear capes in Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hashitteru no ka? and dance among flowers in Chamomile.

Out April 10th, the tracks are part of HKT48’s latest single titled Ishi.

After getting to enjoy a rather touching goodbye in the MV for Ishi, we now get to enjoy a couple of MVs from HKT48’s percent groups, 10% and 8%. So, how about we check them out?

Otona Ressha wa Doko wa Hashitteru no ka?
8% / HKT48

Are you in a mood for capes? The latest 8%’s MV shows of this unique piece of fashion history in a video that packs in a dark set with a variety of fancy dance shots. For the most part, that sentence alone sums up the release, with the visuals being a treat to enjoy since they show off a rather artistic look into this unit.

The song is a bit of a mixed bag though. On one hand, it does give the single a nice balance. But, on the other we have some slightly weird trumpets in there that break the sound a bit too much. Despite that, it’s a pretty decent MV and one that is worth watching, especially if you’re into capes.

10% / HKT48

As the title states, this is a bit of a flowery MV that shows off the members enjoying some chamomile tea while dancing in a flower petal packed MV. It’s incredibly cheery, making it a nice contrast to it’s cooler cousin Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hasshtteru no ka?

It’s a standard MV for HKT48, with bright and colorful sets, but the dresses add a touch of spring to the video. This all goes perfectly with the slower and happier song we get to enjoy during the MV.

Both of these MVs show off two distinct sounds, which is sure to please fans who are into cool or cute songs. It seems like we still have one more MVs to go so stay tuned for more from HKT48!

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