Kaqriyo Terror Architect Face The Supernatural In “Yubikiri Genman”

kaqriyo terror architect yubikiri genman cover

Kaqriyo Terror Architect face the supernatural in the heavy MV for their 2nd single titled Yubikiri Genman.

Out November 29th, the single will be released in one edition.

If you’re into heavy music you’ll be big into Kaqriyo Terror Architect’s song since it’s packed with heavy beats and a catchy electronic touch. This sound matches perfectly with the scenes of them in an old fashioned Japanese prison making for a surprisingly solid MV.

Of course, we have to mention the various scenes where Mare A Komachi (Yukueshirezu Tsurezure) manages to convert two members into vampires. There’s also another cool cameo from Kisaragi Megumi (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da) included.

Make sure to check out this heavy release below!

Yubikiri Genman
Kaqriyo Terror Architect

kaqriyo terror architect yubikiri genman cover



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