Maeda Atsuko Has Announced Her Marriage To Katsuji Ryo

maeda atsuko katsuji ryo

Former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko has announced her marriage to actor Katsuji Ryo.

According to the announcement, the couple were attracted to each other’s personalities and had met through a mutual friend. Rumors of the couple dating were revealed back in May, with their respective agencies saying that they left their personal matters private.

The two have actually worked before, with them becoming good friends back when they co-starred in a drama called Dokonjo Gaeru back in 2015. They are co-starring in the upcoming film titled Taberu Onna which will be released this September.

Time flies by and thankfully it seems like former idols are finding someone to share their life with. Not much to say other than congratulations to the newlyweds! | Image source: the japan times

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