Beboga! Are Going To Disband, Release MV For Their Last Single

beboga bimabe natsu girl

Beboga! have announced that they will be disbanding this September.

According to the official notice, the decision came as a result of extensive talks between members and staff. All members commented on how they are sorry for the sudden announcement and asked fans to support them until their last live.

Their last single will be titled Bimabe! / Natsu no Eien Girl and will be released on August 29th.

Beboga! will disband at their last live titled Beboga! Last Live – Last Cocoon~  on September 23rd.

The sudden disbandment announcement combined with the fact that the group debuted under a major label back in April is rather confusing. Could it be due to poor sales from their 1st major single? We’re not sure, and unfortunately we will probably not find out for some time.

However, the notice of disbandment is bitter sweet since we also get a look at the MV for their track Bimabe!

In it we get to see the group as they walk through the streets of the city and sing along to the fast paced rock instrumental. It’s a sweet MV and one that gives us a look at the members crossing paths and greeting each other before spending time together for the rest of the day.

Wipe that tear off your face and listen to the MV below. Thanks for everything Beboga!


beboga bimabe natsu girl cover type a
Type A


beboga bimabe natsu girl cover type b
Type B

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