Team Syachihoko Team Up With Radio Fish In Their MV For “BURNING FESTIVAL”

team syachihoko radio fish burning festival

Team Syachihoko team up with Radio Fish for their Burning Festival.

Out August 29th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

Idol collaborations with other artists are always welcome, and thankfully Team Syachihoko are getting one this August with a group called Radio Fish.

Taking place in a desert, we get to see Team Syachihoko and Radio Fish as they rap their way through the MV. In their desperate search for water, they start pounding away at a well to get some, with a pretty awesome result at the end. The visuals are vibrant and fun, giving us a fun look at their struggle.

As for the song, it’s mainly rap. I’ll be the first to admit that rap is not on my favorite list of genres, but the song is pretty impressive. The vocals of Radio Fish and Team Syachihoko go fairly well together, combining their vocals in a pretty smart way to add some variety as the song goes by.

Check out this collaboration below and grab a copy of their single to enjoy even more!

Burning Festival
Team Syachihoko x Radio Fish

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Limited (Blu-ray + CD)


Now Printing
Regular (CD Only)


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