[UPDATED] Morning Musume ’16’s Ikuta Erina To Release 1st PB

Morning Musume Ikuta Erina

UPDATED: The cover has been released

Morning Musume ’16 member Ikuta Erina will be releasing her 1st PB titled Erina.

Out October 22nd, the PB was announced at a recent Momusu concert and will contain 80 pages and a bonus DVD.

Ikuta Erina PB

In true H!P fashion, the PB will contain swimsuits, but it will also include some notable entries such as a golf outfit as well as a cheongsam (Chinese dress).

While she has been part of the group for quite some time it’s been interesting to see that she hasn’t had a chance to release her own PB. She certainly has the looks and the body for it, and thankfully the time has come for her to shine.

There are a few previews at the Hello! Project link below, and so far they are amazing (the pink bikini being a personal favorite of mine and the cheongsam being a close second).

We should see a video digest pop up in the coming weeks with a few magazine previews, so stay tuned for that!

Hello! Project | Morning Musume ’16 Blog

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