Uemura Akari 2nd PB Covers Released

Uemura Akari Photobook II Amazon

ANGERME’s Uemura Akari has released the covers for her 2nd PB titled AKARI II.

Releasing July 25th, the photobook shot in Guam contains 100 pages of photos as well as a Making Of DVD.

The covers might be a tad on the low quality side, but they give us a great preview of what to expect for this release: More Akari in bikini.

Personally the Amazon cover is a bit more appealing since we get to see more of Akari with a nice shot of the scenery on the back,  but they both have their own appeal (none of them have words, most likely to not distract from her).

Grab your copy of the PB below!

Uemura Akari Photobook II Regular


Amazon.jp (Amazon Version)