Former BiS Member Yukiko Nakayama Announces New Idol Group Called “Kimi no Mawari”

kimi no mawari

Former BiS member Yukiko Nakayama has announced the start of a new idol group called Kimi no Mawari where she will serve as a producer.

Kimi no Mawari features 7 members including:

  • Yamamoto Fumika
  • Shirosaki Yuna
  • Ogura Aisa
  • Sakuragi Miku
  • Saiki Makoto
  • Irie Sui
  • Hiiragi Yori

Kimi no Mawari will hold their 1st concert for free on November 2nd at Shibuya TAKE OFF 7.

Yukiko Nakayama joined BiS as one of the original members and graduated at the end of 2011. She formed two other groups shortly after called the END and Morphine Tokyo. After the groups were dissolved she got married in 2017 and gave birth to a boy in early 2018.

After having had some time to focus on her son, it seems like Yukiko is back with full power to produce a new idol group. Not much information is known apart from the dyed around any color concept that they have going (Google Translate is not being helpful).

But, this is a great return to the music world and one that appears to be fully capitalizing on her former experience as a BiS member. Time will tell if this idol group does take off and whether we will see them perform alongside current BiS1st and BiS2nd.

For now, make sure to visit the official homepage for Kimi no Mawari, check out the profiles of the members, and follow your favorite’s Twitter for more information!

Kimi no Mawari OHP

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