Shuukan Idol – BAND-MAID Goes To Europe, Morning Musume Head to Taipei, and More

Morning Musume 16

This week we get to enjoy two overseas performances by BAND-MAID and Morning Musume ’16 as well as a variety of MVs from Bandjanaimon! as well as SCANDAL.

That and more in our top 5 highlights of the week!


BAND-MAID are headed to Europe

Dominating the world while wearing a maid dress is hard to do, but the girls in BAND-MAID have managed to gain a massive global audience. This time, they’re headed off to Europe this October!

SCANDAL show off their catchy Take Me Out MV

With a catchy guitar riff and some martial arts in downtown Japan, it seems like SCANDAL are kicking off their next single with a bang. The single is out now so make sure to check out the MV!

Morning Musume ’16 Go To Taipei

With  a variety of events around the world under their belt, Morning Musume ’16 are no strangers to overseas events and thankfully fans from Taipei are in luck.

Summer is here for Bandjanaimon! and their MV for Natsu no Oh! Vibes

With a pool, some instruments, and some complete disregard for basic pool safety, the girls in Bandjanaimon! show off their latest single for fans to enjoy.

Momoiro Clover Z make history with their single The Golden History

This talented idol group has mainly kept busy with events around the world and their latest albums, but thankfully we finally get a new single after almost a year.

Noteworthy mention:


This week we get to enjoy a look at Idol Renaissance’s latest single which is a cover of supercell’s 2009 classic Kimi no Shira Nai Monogatari:

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!