AKB48 are expanding to India, announce DEL48 and MUB48

AKB48 have announced the formation of two new idol groups based out of India called DEL48 and MUB48.

DEL48 will be based out of India’s capital New Delhi while MUB48 will be based out of Mumbai, India. The colors for the logos are inspired by the Indian flag, with the colors for saffron and green divided for each logo.

DEL48 is scheduled to start activities first, with applications already open for women aged 12 – 20. Auditions for the groups will take place from July 19 – 31.

This is the latest in the overseas expansion of AKB48, with a large amount of groups already located outside Japan, including:

  • AKB48 Team SH (China)
  • AKB48 Team TP (Taiwan)
  • BNK48 (Thailand)
  • CGM48 (Thailand)
  • JKT48 (Indonesia)
  • MNL48 (Philippines)
  • SGO48 (Vietnam)

That is quite a lot of groups and it seems like they are aggressively looking to expand even more. This is, of course, great news for idol fans overseas since it tests out the idea of idols in areas where it might not be that common to see them.

Will AKB48’s thirst for control ever be quenched? Will we all soon be idols underneath AKB48’s control? Will we ever have a giant AKB48 family concert with every group in existence?

Time will tell, but at least we can enjoy some cool music in the meantime.

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4 thoughts on “AKB48 are expanding to India, announce DEL48 and MUB48

  1. If SGO48 is named after Saigon, which is actually now HoChiMinh City, then why can’t MUB use the former name BBY for Bombay48?

    Still very disappointing that there is not a Sapporro 48 on Hokkaido.

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    1. I would be down for a BBY48, but perhaps they’re trying to avoid the reference to “baby”?

      They seem to be expanding quick so I’d be surprised if we didn’t get another 48 group in Japan soon. Fingers crossed!

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