22/7’s Sally Amaki is taking a break from some group activities

sally amaki 22/7

22/7 member Sally Amaki has announced that she will be taking a break from some group activities due to her social anxiety disorder.

According to the announcement, Sally will be taking a break from handshake events, high touch events, and individual meet and greet events. She comments on how her condition has affected her from the start of her career with 22//7 and how she’s continued to participate in these events while consulting with doctors, staff, and her parents.

Sally mentions that her dedication to fans allowed her to take part in some events. However, her health wasn’t keeping up with her emotions and it took her 2 years to take the decision to take a break.

Sally will be taking the break starting from the release of 22/7’s 4th single on August 21st.

While it is unfortunate that Sally won’t be taking part of these meet and greet events, it’s completely understandable why she would need some time to recover. Social anxiety disorder is a hard thing to deal with, and while I don’t have personal experience with it I have friends who have to cope with it day to day.

The notice makes mention of person to person events, so it doesn’t seem like she will be excluded from future music. In fact, the official 22/7 site mentions that she will continue to perform at lives and promoting releases.

But, for now it’s best to give Sally the time she needs to recover. Best of luck Sally, you have our support!

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