Ishida Ayumi “It’s my turn” PB Covers Released

Ishida Ayumi It's my turn Amazon

The covers for Ishida Ayumi‘s 3rd PB titled It’s my turn have been released.

Releasing June 26th, the covers were revealed by Ayumi on her blog.

While I tend to shy away from bikinis for PB releases, you have to give credit where credit is due and admit that the covers are all impressive.

Regular cover showcases a more mature Ayumi in a black bikini staring at the camera, while the Amazon cover features a more playful look with a red bikini in a tropical setting.

Naturally, Amazon is the shining favorite in my completely biased opinion since we see a fun happy side that fans are used to seeing from her.

Check out the regular cover below and make sure to grab a copy!

Ishida Ayumi It's my turn Regular


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