Avandoned’s Kotori Kotao Is Graduating, New Member Auditions Announced

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(Left: Kotori Kotao, Right: Usakura Beni)

Avandoned member Kotori Kotao has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

According to the notice, Kotao feels that she is unable to continue idol activities anymore while balancing her school activities. She appreciates the time she got to experience with Beni and wishes to accomplish as much as possible in her remaining 5 months.

Her final performance with Avandoned is set for April 22, 2019. There will also be graduation performances in Osaka and Nagoya in March.

Avandoned had just returned from a break they took from August 2017 until May 2018 and seemingly appeared to be ready to dominate with their weird and quirky music. But, it seems like it came at a rather unfortunate time since Kotao had just gotten accepted into the Tokyo University of Arts back in March. Unfortunately, balancing an idol life with school appears to be too much so understandably Kotao has decided to leave the group.

There is a silver lining for fans though since Beni has announced that she will be accepting applications for new members starting today. More details are available in the official website for those who wish to enter the fun world of Avandoned, including the fun fact that there is no upper age limit on applicants, as long as they’re at least junior high school aged.

While the wild ride of this duo will come to an end in April, I’m sure we’ll get even more unique releases once Beni gets a few new members under her wing. For now, we wish the best of luck to Kotao!

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