Maison book girl Go Full Red And Blue For Their “Semai Monogatari” MV

maison book girl yume

Maison book girl go full red and blue in the MV for Semai Monogatari.

Out November 21st, the track is part of their 2nd album titled yume.

Do you hear that? Off in the distance, it’s the familiar xylophone of Maison book girl song. Yes, they’re back to promote their latest album with an MV that is sure to impress fans of the color red and blue. In fact, red and blue are the main colors we get to enjoy throughout the MV in this artistic journey through a desert.

From the random shots of them walking through a void, to them walking through a forest, the transition between the two colors is well done making for some rather impressive shots that culminate in them seeing all colors again at the end.

Apart from the artsy shots we get the trademark Maison book girl sound: playful xylophone with a simple beat combined with some vocals on top. The vocals are more ballad focused for this release, making for a rather interesting song that fans of the group are sure to enjoy.

Unfortunately, if you’re not into the Maison book girl sound they have then you’ll probably not find anything new with this release. But, it’s a great example of  how a group can stick to a sound that works for them while at the same time sounding different than most other idol groups out there.

Make sure to grab a copy of that album if you haven’t, this album is going to be a treat!

Semai Monogatari
Maison book girl

maison book girl yume cover
Limited (w/Blu-ray)


maison book girl yume cover

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