BiS member Nel Nehru leaves the group

bis nel nehru neru

BiS member Nel Nehru has left the group.

According to the official statement by WACK, Nel frequently consulted with staff after experiencing mental and physical fatigue. After several discussions, it was decided that she would withdraw from the group.

BiS will continue with 9 members. Her final performance was scheduled for January 3rd.

This was a rather surprising twist of events since Nel Nehru appeared to be in pretty good spirits since she joined the group. Unfortunately, her decision to withdraw might be related to the fact that Watanabe mentioned that she was at risk of being removed from the group due to her being unfit to perform in the group, which certainly didn’t help her mental fatigue.

While BiS does have a rather interesting concept of not being like other idol groups, the departure of Momoland and Nel Nehru due to mental exhaustion is sure to raise some flags. Hopefully this helps improve some of the conditions that the members are going through.

For now, we wish the best of luck to Nel Nehru and hope that she can recover. Best of luck Nel!


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