Otome Shinto 2nd Album Preview Released

Otome Shinto

Otome Shinto have released a trailer video for their 2nd and last album titled Otome Shinto Dai-ni Maku ~Tabidachi no Uta~.

Releasing June 29th, the album will contain some of the group’s most recent releases including Viva! Otome no Daibouken!! and Ame to Namida to Otome to Taiyaki.

While it’s sad that Otome Shinto will be disbanding, I’m glad that they are going out with a solid album for fans to enjoy and remember them by.

The trailer video itself is a compilation of some of the songs that will be included, so those who are not that familiar with the group are encouraged to check it out.

This is a must have for fans of the more upbeat idols, so grab a copy!

Otome Shinto Tabidachi no Uta 2nd Album


  1. Viva! Otome no Daibouken!!
  2. Toriko Toriko Toriko
  3. Kimi to Piikan ☆ NATSU Sengen!!!
  4. N to S (Mari to Mayu from Otome Shinto)
  5. Tsuchinoko tte Iru to Omou…?♡
  6. Fiyaiya!!!(ALBUM VERSION)
  7. Dekoboko Kaiketsu Sensation (Ayame to Yurika from Otome Shinto)
  8. Mune wo Hattekou!
  9. Sekai de Ichiban ga Suki (Arisa to Airi from Otome Shinto)
  10. Ame to Namida to Otome to Taiyaki(ALBUM VERSION)
  11. Shin・Otome Shinto no Uta