Otome Shinto Announce Disbandment

Otome Shinto

Otome Shinto has announced that they will be disbanding this July.

The disbandment will take place on July 3rd at their one-man live at TSUTAYA O-WEST.

According to the announcement, it seems like the members have decided to pursue their own paths in life.

Their last release is their 2nd album titled Otome Shinto Dai-ni Maku ~Tabidachi no Uta~ which will be releasing June 29th.

This is definitely some out of the blue news, especially since the group was a promising newcomer to the idol scene. Of course, groups change every day so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the members make their own groups or pursue other different types of music to delight fans with.

Sales for their last live will be available for FC members starting May 17th, with sales for the general public being available on June 12th, so make sure to get a ticket to catch them live before their last performance.

Best of luck Otome Shinto, and fans, make sure to pick up their last album to help support them!

Otome Shinto Dai-ni Maku ~Tabidachi no Uta~

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  1. Viva! Otome no Daibouken!!
  2. Toriko Toriko Toriko
  3. Kimi to Piikan ☆ NATSU Sengen!!!
  4. N to S (Mari to Mayu from Otome Shinto)
  5. Tsuchinoko tte Iru to Omou…?♡
  6. Fiyaiya!!!(ALBUM VERSION)
  7. Dekoboko Kaiketsu Sensation (Ayame to Yurika from Otome Shinto)
  8. Mune wo Hattekou!
  9. Sekai de Ichiban ga Suki (Arisa to Airi from Otome Shinto)
  10. Ame to Namida to Otome to Taiyaki(ALBUM VERSION)
  11. Shin・Otome Shinto no Uta

Otome Shinto OHP

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