Shuukan Idol -SCANDAL’s Mami Hospitalized, Otome Shinto Call It Quits, and More

Scandal 235

SCANDAL’s Mami is hospitalized, Kikkawa You releases her latest MV, and Otome Shinto announce their disbandment.

That and more in our weekly 5 highlights!


SCANDAL’s MAMI hospitalized, May concerts cancelled as a result

Being a big fan of SCANDAL, without a doubt this was one of the standouts of the week. Fortunately, it seems like everything is going fine and she is making a speedy recovery.

> Kikkawa You charms us with her “Charming Shoubou Sedai” MV

Kikka has always been somewhat more mature in terms of music compared to other H!P  idols. Thankfully, this latest release features a more lighthearted sound that is sure to have you singing along.

> Otome Shinto call it quits after their 2nd album

A surprising turn of events for fans of Otome Shinto. This fairly new group made the announcement recently that they would disband. Fans, make sure to go to their last performance!

TsuriBit enjoy summer in the MV for Chu Shitai

Summer and idols. That’s all we need, and TsuriBit understand that with their latest single titled Chu Shitai. Packed to the brim with summer activities, it’s a must watch for fans of more upbeat songs.

Bandjanaimon! show off a more touching ballad for their Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu MV

Fans who wanted more Bandjanaimon! in their life got their wish with the 2nd half of their latest single which was released this week.

+1: Morning Musume ’16 Tokyo to Iu Katasumi / The Vision / Utakata Saturday Night review

Our review for Momusu’s latest single is out and we’d love to hear your feedback on the newer, shorter style!


> Mainichi Idol on Facebook

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> Slight delay

As I mentioned last week, there was a personal issue I had to take care off and it has been taking more time than expected (nothing big, just paperwork and meetings). As a result, free time (outside of posting news) has basically taken a hit.

I hope to have that situation squared off in the coming weeks so I can focus on the site as much as possible though, but I appreciate everyone’s patience as I take care of this.


Thanks to a random BiS song playing earlier this week on my phone, I have been slowly but surely getting back into them as a result.

One of my favorite songs from them was a feat with Dorothy Little Happy, and it’s well worth a listen for those who like a more traditional J-pop song with BiS vocals.

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