Bandjanaimon! “Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu” MV Released

Bandjanaimon Kimemaster Kimochi Sankashimasu

Bandjanaimon! have released the MV for their major label debut single titled Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu.

Released May 18th, this MV is part of their double a-side single alongside Kimemaster!

The MV for Kimemaster! has already been released.

Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu has a calmer feel to it as we get to see the members singing in a colorful room where they each relax and do things like hug a banana plushy.

It’s not the most energetic song of all, but it’s still pretty solid and a song that fans should check out for sure since it’s the perfect way to round out the single.

For those who are looking to get other special editions of the single, there will be 6 solo member versions only sold at events.

If you can’t make it to the events there is a special online store version of the single that comes with all versions of the single alongside the autographs of the members.

Regardless of how you get the single, it’s turning out to be a solid release for fans to enjoy so make sure to get a copy to support Bandjanaimon! and their major debut!

Bandjanaimon Kimemaster Single Cover

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  1. Kimemaster!
  2. Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu。
  3. Kimemaster! ~instrumental~
  4. Kimochi Dake Sankashimasu。 ~instrumental~


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