E-girls Announce Lineup Change, Dream Disbandment

E-girls EGfamily

E-girls have announced that the group will be making big lineup changes and restructuring.

According to the announcement, there were 4 big highlights:

E-girls are no longer the center, EGfamily is

Remember how E-girls members had a variety of projects on the side which ultimately revolved around one main group? Unfortunately, that will no longer be the case. Instead a new project has been announced called EGfamily.

All members of E-Girls will now be part of this project. Apparently this was the result of a discussion with all 19 members which resulted in all of them wanting to fulfill their dreams without having to be tied to one group.

The dream is over, Dream has disbanded

All of the members of Dream will remain in EGfamily, however, they will no longer perform as a single group:

  • Dream Aya will become the EGfamily chief creative manager and will no longer perform or sing.
  • Dream Ami will become a solo artist and will no longer be a member of E-girls.
  • Dream Shizuka will focus on Dance EARTH PARTY, a group made alongside members of EXILE.

New E-Girls lineup has been announced

The new lineup of E-Girls will be made up of only 11 members, with 8 members leaving on July 16th at an event called E-girls LIVE 2017 ~EGEVOLUTION~.

E-girls 2017
Image source: Modelpress

The members who will form part of the new E-Girls are:

  • SAYAKA (Happiness)
  • Kaede (Happiness)
  • YURINO (Happiness)
  • Suda Anna (Happiness)
  • Fujii Karen (Happiness)
  • Washio Reina (Flower)
  • Bando Nozomi (Flower)
  • Sato Harumi (Flower)
  • Takebe Yuzuna
  • Ishii Anna
  • Yamaguchi Nonoka

The members who will be leaving the lineup include:

  • Dream Aya
  • Dream Ami
  • Dream Shizuka
  • MIYUU (Happiness)
  • Kawamoto Ruri (Happiness)
  • Fujii Shuuka (Flower)
  • Shigetome Manami (Flower)
  • Nakajima Mio (Flower)

As mentioned above, all 19 members of the current E-girls will form part of EGfamily. This means that those members who are leaving the lineup will be active in some other way where they will polish their skills.

It’s unknown who the new leader will be since Dream Aya will be leaving, but that will be decided later on.

As for Happiness, it seems like the lineup will continue with MIYUU and Kawamoto Ruri concentrating solely on that group. Likewise, it seems like Flower will continue with Fujii Shuuka, Shigetome Manami, and Nakajima Mio concentrating only on this group.

According to the announcement, by doing this each group’s individual personality will be polished.

New E-girls single this July

The new lineup will release a single titled Love ☆ Queen which will be released July 26th. This will be the group’s 19th single and the first to feature this new rotation of members.

This is a big BIG change for many fans, but ultimately it seems like a good step which helps keep the members concentrated on the activities which they want to perform the most.

Not many would have guessed that E-girls would ultimately become the center of a large amount of groups as they boomed in popularity so a restructuring was necessary.

Of course, the 19 members will still be around for a month before their final performance together as one group so fans who wish to see them in their current lineup are encouraged to do so.

Time are changing E-girls fans!


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