Kamiyado face a bear in the colorful MV for “Grizzly ni Osowaretara ♡”


Kamiyado face a bear in the colorful MV for Grizzly ni Osowaretara ♡.

What would happen if you were attacked by a grizzly? That’s a question a lot of us will hopefully never have to answer. But, if you’re a Kamiyado fan you’ll be well prepared because their latest MV shows you exactly what to do.

It’s a fun release, so if you’re expecting a deep story you’ll be disappointed. For those of us who just like seeing idols doing cute stuff there is plenty to see here. Each scene is colorful and full of objects that complement the frilly outfits the members using. But, the clear standout of this MV is the guy in the bear costume, who goes around and somewhat waves his hands and stands too close to the members.

So, the visuals are fun, but what about the song? Grizzly ni Osowaretara is a pretty adorable song that is packed with playful instruments like piano, xylophones, and some synths. It’s a fun release and one that doesn’t worry too much about topping the charts. Simple, but a fun way of giving fans something to enjoy while they work on their next release.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the song as part of a CD but it should come out in some way later on. For now, enjoy the MV below!

Grizzly ni Osowaretara ♡

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