Shuukan Idol – A lot of ’48 MVs Edition (July 22 – 28)

wa-suta stare

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a whole lot of MVs from SKE48 and NMB48. There’s also an MV from UUG (2), a graduation announcement from Burst Girls, and a confirmation that AKB48 is going to release a new single. Enjoy that and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Up Up Girls (2) wear white shirts in a house for their Be lonely together MV

Tsunku is known for his musical talent. He’s written more hits than anyone else, and his name has become a staple of the idol community. Not surprisingly, having his name associated with a song means that we are in for a good time. Take the latest UUG (2) song for example, it’s packed with chorus vocals, string instruments, and a lot of creepy standing around. Peak idol perfection.

> SKE48 bust a move at a diner in the MV for Game Shimasen ka?

Ever get tired of having variety in MVs? You’re in luck because one of the MVs that SKE48 released this week features only one shot: the members dancing in a retro diner. It’s simple so you won’t have to worry about stories or anything fancy. Give it a peek above!

> NMB48 Team BII freeze time and cook up some beats in the MV for Jugon wa Jugon

Stopping time is something that everyone has day dreamed about at least once. What would NMB48 do if they had that power? An MV of course, and a fun one that shows the members being still while they sing in a variety of activities. There are a lot of cool scenes to enjoy, but nothing can beat the many, many shots of the bouncing sausages. No it’s not dirty, see for yourself above.

> Rei is leaving Burst Girl

Burst Girl is one of those groups that stands out, in a good way. Their punk style is unique among the “not-idol” scene, and it’s mainly due to their roots as part of Guso Drop. Unfortunately, one of the most notable members, Boss, is leaving the group. Full details are available above, thanks for everything Boss!

> NMB48 Team M party at sundown in the MV for Pan Pan Papapan

Scenes with the sun going down are amazing. Nothing can beat that warm glow of the sun and that’s something that NMB48 used for their Team M MV. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a contrast going on. The scenes are artistic and mature, while the song is fun and playful, which is weird but strangely addicting. Give it a watch above and see if you like it.

> NMB48 Team N go retro in the colorful MV for Gattsuki Girls

There’s a fascination with nostalgia in today’s society, and Japan is pretty big on it. The latest Team N MV gives us a look at some of that retro goodness as the members cook in the kitchen, order some doughnuts, and do stuff that they would do in the good ol’ days while wearing some fancy outfits. It’s among my favorite MVs released this week, so give it a watch!

> AKB48 announces 56th single, Yahagi Moeka to be center

A new AKB48 single is as inevitable as me not posting stuff on time. But getting an official confirmation that it’s coming is a relief and gives us something to look forward to. All the info we know so far is located above!

Notable mentions


This week we have Shinshi Todoroku, Gekijou no Gotoku, also known simply as Shingeki, and their MV for Natsugoe Semishigure.

Summer brings to mind a lot of fun activities with friends. Like going to the pool, going on a trip, or my favorite: staying inside with the curtains closed because it’s too hot outside. But Shingeki is doing something different for their latest MV.

It’s a confusing MV for the most part, and one that has a “I forgot to write the story and I have 5 minutes before we begin shooting” kind of feel to it. Yes, the song is pretty energetic and has some fast-paced drums and guitars but the scenes often don’t make sense.

For example, there’s a scene where they’re walking down a path and before we know it someone gets hurt. I’m sure if I spoke fluent Japanese I’d be able to get the idea of what was happening (the intro scene sets the story), but it is interesting seeing someone getting hurt and then the MV focusing on someone’s birthday shortly after.

What’s the best part of the MV? The giant teddy bear face shirt that one of the members wears. It’s pretty cute.

If you’re looking for just the song, make sure to skip to 1:45. Check out the MV below!

Natsugoe Semishigure

Dance your way below without hurting your ankle to grab some of Shingeki’s latest releases on CDJapan:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!