Shuukan Idol – Dorothy Parade Edition

Dorothy Little Happy

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a rather interesting mix of news. On one side we get a handful of graduations from Dorothy Little Happy, Cheeky Parade, and Iketeru Hearts.

But it’s not all sadness, since we also get Bandjanaimon!’s latest MVs and even a surprise solo announcement from NECRONOMIDOL. That and more in our top 6 highlights of the week!


> Bandjanaimon! go for gold in the MVs for METAMORISER and FAN+TIC

Bandjanaimon! are amazing. Thankfully their two latest MVs reflect that with a colorful array of sound and visuals that will overload your brain with a large amount of idol goodness. Check them both out!

Dorothy Little Happy make me happy with their FOR YOU MV … wait, Shirato Kana is retiring

Well that escalated quickly. Just as Dorothy Little Happy was releasing the MV for their latest single it seems like they both decided to go their own ways. In fact, Shirato Kana is simply leaving the entertainment business.

NECRONOMIDOL’s Imaizumi Rei accidentally touches color, goes solo

What happens when a member of one of the darkest idol groups touches color? She goes solo. Imaizumi Rei is the perfect choice for this since she has the looks and the personality to get fans smiling. Colorful pictures are included in the post above!

BAND-MAID are all over the place, they’re now performing at J-POP SUMMIT 2017

BAND-MAID have made quite the following by performing all around the world. This time, fans in California are next in line to enjoy some of their maidcore music. Make sure to get your tickets!

Yurano Yuno is bowing out, announces graduation from Iketeru Hearts

Idols go through a lot each day, dancing and performing for several hours at a time. This unfortunately comes with consequences, as Yurano Yuno seems to have reached a breaking point. We wish you the best Yuno!

Cheeky Parade gets less cheeky, Mizorogi Seran and Kodakari Momoka announce their departure

Cheeky Parade has seen its fair share of lineup changes, with two members recently leaving for LA for 2 years. Sadly, the move seems to have sparked some talks and ended up with Mizorogi and Kodakari leaving the group for good. Full details are available above.

Notable mentions:


This week we have a group that I haven’t had a chance to cover: CLEAR’S. They’re a bit on the traditional idol side with an upbeat sound, but many who follow avex groups are sure to be pleased to see them. They’re about to release their 5th single titled HEART WASH which will be out this June 7th.

Have you ever wanted to see idols in a pool? Well you’re in luck. The MV is packed with scenes of the members as they dance in a giant empty pool. Thankfully we also get a few more scenes with members singing to the camera and brushing the pool floor.

It’s a short video but it gives us a great look at what we will get with this release: idols, pools, and a lot of staring at the sun. Don’t stare at the sun though, since you have to check out the MV below!


If you feel like your heart needs a bit more of a wash make sure to check out the link below and grab a copy of this adorable release:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!