Mizorogi Seran and Kodakari Momoka To Leave Cheeky Parade

Cheeky Parade members Mizorogi Seran and Kodakari Momoka have announced that they will leave the group.

According to the announcement, the decision for them to leave was made after several discussions with all of the members and staff.

Mizorogi mentioned how she reached the decision on her own after talking to the other members, her family, and staff. She asks fans to continue to support the group and mentions how big and important her experience in the group was.

Kodakari mentions how she started thinking about a lot of things after Marin and Mariya went on hiatus to study abroad. She decided to go down her own path and thanks everyone for the past 5 years as a member.

Other members also commented on the situation, with all of them mentioning how the remaining 5 would continue to await the return of Marin and Mariya from LA.

In fact, Marin and Mariya even sent in their comments mentioning how they are sorry they won’t be able to sing WE ARE THE GREATEST NINE9 anymore. They commented on how they will do their best even when Seran and Momoka leave.

Their final performance will be at Shibuya WOMB on June 9th.

While we don’t have any information regarding what they wish to do once they leave the group, it seems like the decision to leave was made after extensively talking to one another about the future.

We’re not sure what they will be doing in the future, but for now I encourage everyone to continue supporting the remaining members and attend the final performance for the 7 members.

Best of luck Mizorogi Seran and Kodakari Momoka!

Cheeky Parade