AKB48’s Nakamura Mariko Announces Graduation

AKB48 Nakamura Mariko
Image source: AKB48 Profile

AKB48 Team A co-captain Nakamura Mariko has announced her graduation from the group.

The reason why she decided to leave the group is due to her desire to be a newscaster and to be a personality loved by people of her region. As a result, she will be joining Sun Television in Hyogo starting in April to become a television announcer.

Nakamura Mariko recently graduated from university on March 16th, which ultimately led to her making this decision.

She will leave the group on March 31st.

I’m glad to see that Mariko has found her path in life and managed to do so while finding a job where she can grow and get experience from. While it might be sad I hope that fans are able to support her as she pursues her dreams.

Best of luck Nakamura Mariko!

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