Shuukan Idol – Cosmos Glory Edition

morning musume 18 nonaka miki haga akane makino maria

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MVs from groups such as NMB48, Morning Musume ’18, ANGERME, and BAND-MAID. Add in some unfortunate graduations and a disbandment and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> X21 Will Disband

Well, this sucks. X21 have been around since 2014, so the fact that they are calling it quits 4 years later is rather surprising. But, I’m a fan of people finding their passion in life and it seems like each member is doing just that. Not much else to say apart from good luck!

> NMB48 Put On A Colorful Show For Their Usotsuki Machine MV

With a name like Usotsuki Machine I was half expecting an MV where NMB48 had to fight a robot that lies. However, we get to see the complete opposite where the members wear outfits that are colorful and full of interesting additions. Add some dancing in some theater seats and you have yourself a fun MV that is well worth a look.

> ANGERME Dance Outdoors For Their Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! MV

ANGERME know how to get to my heart. Funky and fun song with English/Japanese lyrics? Check. Synchronized dancing shots? Check. Simple, but fun, MV with no complicated shots? Double check. It’s a fun and simple release that will get ANGERME fans hyped for their latest single.

> Morning Musume ’18 Go Retro In The Romantic MV For Furari Ginza

Nothing says retro like wearing colorful outfits and thankfully that’s what we get in the latest MV from Morning Musume ’18. Add in some shots of other members wearing gentleman outfits and you have yourself an old fashioned MV that shows off just how talented and fashionable Momusu are.

> Country Girls Member Yamaki Risa Joins College Cosmos As Concurrent Member

Yamaki Risa is among the best Country Girls members in my completely biased opinion. With her focusing on her studies, it seemed like we wouldn’t be able to enjoy her singing as often. That’s changing though, with her joining an idol group consisting of other university students. They’ve actually released their 1st MV already, so make sure to enjoy it above!

> BAND-MAID Go Into A Virtual World In The MV For glory

BAND-MAID are currently shredding their way across the world, but they are taking the time to release a new MV for fans to enjoy. It comes with an added bonus for those who are into Yu Gi Oh since their song will be used as the ED theme for the anime. Enter the virtual world of BAND-MAID above!

> Tsubaki Factory Announce Their 1st Album

Tsubaki Factory are among the rising stars in the idol world, releasing hit after hit each time they release a single. Thankfully, the time has come for them to release their first album. Yes, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the Tsubaki Factory goodness in a single place. More details are available above!

Notable mentions


This week we have Love Cocchi and their MV for Love Docchi♡. Out October 24th, the track is part of the latest Last Idol single titled Everything will be all right.

Normally I would cover this MV in its own post, but since I have limited time nowadays to work on idol stuff for the site (life stuff) I’ve decided to include it here. So, with that out of the way, how is the MV? Is it as adorable as that heart icon makes it seem? Yes, actually it is.

Imagine the sweetest song you can think of. Now, add some random words that are spoken from time to time to add in an even sweeter touch. Finally, add in a group of 5 idols doing adorable things in a colorful MV. That’s basically what we get in this MV and it’s oh so good.

Yes, it’s a simple concept and there isn’t much to say about the MV itself. There’s a handful of shots of the members making a cake, singing from a bed in pajamas, and smiling at the camera. That’s about it. But, it’s the fun beat of the song that makes for an amazing release.

Not much else to do apart from enjoying it below!

Love Docchi♡
Love Cocchi

If you survived all that sweetness above, why not grab their single? Do that below:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!