C-ute Announce Disbandment

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C-ute have announced that they will be disbanding.

The last performance is scheduled for June 2017 at the group’s Saitama Super Arena performance.

According to the members it seems like they came to the decision to disband after they had all reached 20 years old and started to discuss the future of C-ute.

They had discussed 3 options, the first of which involved graduating from Hello! Project and continuing C-ute as a separate group, but to them C-ute is part of what made Hello! Project special.

The other was suspending activities, and the third is the one they decided upon: breaking up.

They did confirm that there will be a Budokan performance, as well as a C-ute Day (C-ute no Hi), Autumn tour, as well as a new single release.

As for the members it seems like Yajima Maimi wants to be an actress, Suzuki Airi wants to be a newscaster or actress, Nakajima Saki wishes to be a travel reporter, Okai Chisato will “survive in the variety shows”, and Hagiwara Mai will work in the apparel world.

While sad I am happy to see that they decided to end the group as part of Hello! Project since after all that is where the group began so ending it in the same company that saw them grow after so many years is a nice touch.

C-ute formed back in June 2005, and being an H!P fan I have to say that seeing them grow up into the group they are today is nothing short of an amazing trip.

Seeing them grow from the youngest group in H!P to one of the senior groups was a delight, and I’m glad that instead of simply suspending activities like Berryz Koubou they instead opted to just go clean and on their separate ways.

Now, they’re older than most of the members in the other groups and it’s understandable that they wish to leave H!P and continue with their separate futures.

To everyone who has followed C-ute, please support them as they enjoy their last year together as a group!

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3 thoughts on “C-ute Announce Disbandment

  1. It’s a sad day, but at least we have consolation in that the members are thinking about their individual futures.

    Your words regarding their journey were beautiful. I’ve been a fan of H!P since late 2003 so I’ve watched C-ute go from mere Proto-Eggs to the Junoesque icons they are now. This… truly feels like the end of a coming-of-age story.

    Regardless… C-ute, thank you for the memories. 💖

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    1. Definitely, it was a shock when I saw it but it is understandable since Berryz already went through the same. It is a journey, personally I’ve been following H!P since 2006 so seeing them grow up was just like seeing family grow up. Indeed, thank you C-ute!

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