HKT48 “Go Bananas!” MV Released

HKT48 Saikou Ka yo Type C
Type C

HKT48’s Team KIV has released the MV for Go Bananas! from their their latest single titled Saikou Ka Yo.

Out September 7th, it will be exclusively part of the Type C.

The MV for the title track Saikou Ka Yo and Yume Hitotsu and another c/w were released previously.

With a title like Go Bananas! I was expecting a fairly upbeat release, and true to the title it seems like we have a fairly fun song on our hands.

It’s funky and packed with scenes of seifuku wearing idols walking through some machinery, which makes for an interesting package. For one, the song is solid and seems like a fun addition from Team KIV.

But, the factory setting is somewhat of a weird choice to have idols walking through (maybe they’re part robot?).

Overall it’s a solid release that is sure to please fans of Team KIV so make sure to check it out. As for the other MVs, there are still a few more to go before the single is released so look forward to more HKT48 goodness in the coming days!

HKT48 Saikou Ka yo Type C
Type C



  1. Saikou Ka yo
  2. Soramimi Rock / Team TII
  3. Go Bananas! / Team KIV
  4. Saiko Kayo (Instrumental)
  5. Soramimi Rock (Instrumental)
  6. Go Bananas! (Instrumental)


  1. Saikou Ka yo (Music Video)
  2. Soramimi Rock (Music Video)
  3. Go Bananas! (Music Video)
  4. HKT48’s School Trip Vol.3