[UPDATED] Sutou Ririka Announces Engagement

NMB48 Sutou Ririka

Update: Sutou Ririka has announced she is leaving NMB48
Update 2: Sutou Ririka is getting married April 2018

NMB48 member Sutou Ririka has announced her engagement.

Announced during the senbatsu results, she mentioned that she would release more details soon.

While we might not have that many details about her engagement, it seems like reactions from fans have been rather mixed. Some mention how she stole the spotlight, while others are surprised that she would reveal this without announcing her graduation first.

Personally, I’m glad to see that she had a chance to announce the engagement with her own words rather than have it be published in a magazine without her consent (as is fairly common in the idol world). Sure, that kind of announcement deserves its own event but it’s still happy news for her.

We’ll update as more details are released, but for now congratulations Sutou Ririka!


7 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Sutou Ririka Announces Engagement

      1. It was not like I was obsessing about her or anything. Good for her if she is getting married. But …
        Clearly she was breaking the dating rule however. Even if she announced engagement a few weeks after announcing graduation at least fans like me could continue to live in denial.

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        1. You’re absolutely right. But I did see that a site was about publish some photos of her so I imagine she decided to say it before they did. Still, I completely understand what fans are going through


  1. I have become so disheartened with the 48G after 10 years that I think she did the right thing to spice up the dead (rained out) sousenkyo. Stealing the spotlight from someone who has been in it too long (Rino) is fine by me. She might get fired for breaking the love ban, but, Bunshun did not catch her, so she is smart.
    Now…if it were an elaborate NMB Osaka joke, that would be a disappointment. I hope she will be happy.

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    1. It was an interesting sousenkyo for sure, but she was absolutely the highlight. We’ll find out more soon once she announces more details, but likewise I hope she’s happy


  2. So much more information is finally coming to light; apparently she beat Bunshun to the punch, they did catch her; so she made a wise move to say her “scandal” herself. Getting beaten up with words by some of the other girls is a bit harsh, no one said anything about Rino, Minami and Yuki…Team 8’s Tsumugi had a nasty comment (not directed by name at Ririka) but it was a surprise. Then there is Akane in SKE–one of my favorites–saying if it was an SKE girl, she would beat them up…good luck you hot, idol-old, shrimp…LOL!!! And finally, Juri; she was so close to being my Kami-Oshi after Yuria, but I chose Shizuka who I followed for many years–she said something direct and got pulled out for a bit from shows; there is possible gossip that she is next in line after Yui for GM; I don’t know if that is true???

    If anything, I will always remember Masana Oya’s reaction, she was laughing herself stupid, good for her. But, my biggest fear is if Ririka was to be removed from the 20th spot, would all the girls advance forward or would they leave it empty? My reason for this is, Nao Ota, my #1 Team 8 girl is finally a chosen Center, and if she were to lose that I would lose it permanently with the 48G.

    Defecting to Keya46 was a wise move, better performances, better songs, better girls and the best (yet disgusting) scandal ever. Mizuho Habu is my #1. Oh, to see the rise and fall of AKB…what a heartache…So much invested in them. Oh well, after the shuffle, I hope things improve.


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