HKT48 “Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou” MV Released

HKT48 Saikou Ka yo Type B

HKT48’s Team H has released the MV for their track Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou.

Out September 7th, it will be exclusive to Type B of HKT48’s 8th single titled Saikou Ka yo.

The MV for Saikou Ka yo, Yume Hitotsu, as well as the MV for Go Bananas! have been released already.

With a strong ballad feel, we get to enjoy scenes of the members as they sing into the camera and stare into the void of contemplation while standing in various spots. Song-wise I am delighted to hear that it’s fairly catchy with an upbeat sound combined with some ballad vocals.

Apart from that it’s a fairly standard MV with the typical idol dance and solo shots so there aren’t any impressive scenes that will wow you, but it’s overall a solid release that matches the tone of the song well.

Make sure to check it out below!

HKT48 Saikou Ka yo Type B
Type B



  1. Saikou Ka yo
  2. Soramimi Rock / Team TII
  3. Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou / Team H
  4. Saiko Kayo (Instrumental)
  5. Soramimi Rock (Instrumental)
  6. Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou (Instrumental)


  1. Saikou Ka yo (Music Video)
  2. Soramimi Rock (Music Video)
  3. Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou (Music Video)
  4. HKT48’s School Trip Vol.2