Shuukan Idol – C-ute Announce Their Disbandment, and More

C-ute Disband

This week the main highlight is the announcement that C-ute, one of Hello! Project’s most well known groups, would be disbanding.

Alongside that we also have HKT48 MVs, H!P goodness, and more in our top 5 highlights of the week!


C-ute Announce Their Disbandment

Without a doubt this was the biggest news this week. Being an H!P fan for around 10 years now I grew up alongside C-ute as they made their way through the years, releasing catchy music that delighted fans around the world. Sadly the time has come for them to part ways, thank you C-ute for the many years of music!

> HKT48 go all out in the MVs for Saikou Ka yoYume Hitotsu, Go Bananas!and Yozora no Tsuki wo Nomikomou

With a new single just a few weeks away it’s no surprise that HKT48 are pulling out the big guns with their latest MVs and I have to say I’m impressed. Make sure to check all of them out!

AKB48 go artsy in the MV for Hikari no Naka e

AKB48 MVs are among the most unique, with every single song having an MV with a different theme. Sure, some of them are fairly standard but this one is a bit more … unique and fun.

Country Girls Announce Their 4th Single

The Country Girls have made a name for themselves in the H!P community. With Momo as their leader they have become a strong power to be reckoned with and thankfully the wait for more new music is soon over this fall with a new release.

Uemura Akari captures our hearts in the solo Blu-ray Take It Early

Uemura Akari has to be among the most notable members of Juice=Juice with her 1st PB grabbing the attention of fans around the world. Not surprisingly we now have yet another new release to enjoy and so far it’s promising to be as impressive as the 1st.


This week we have Let’s PocoPoco with their latest release titled Mahou no Gaki-Kakko which was released August 10th:

Fairly new to the scene, Let’s PocoPoco share their 1st MV with a fairly upbeat sound. Featuring an EDM instrumental and a style similar to AKB48’s Love Trip but with magic buckets instead of wota chants.

That’s it for this week, see you in the next one!