Itano Tomomi spends a day with her boyfriend in the MV for “Suki. to Iukoto”

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Itano Tomomi shares a day with her boyfriend in the MV for her 11th single titled Suki. to Iukoto.

Out February 13th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

Being a Japanese idol is an interesting job. You get the adoration of fans and share your talent on stage, but, in return you have to follow the “no dating” rule, avoid being seen with a man, and have an aura of perfection at all times.

Personally, I’m not too into the whole “no dating rule” but it’s become an expected requirement that everyone follows, even non-idol groups. Well, it seems like this MV may trigger a few since it features Tomomi kissing a guy, several times.

Are the kisses passionate and intense? Not really, they’re actually awkward which is pretty cute. But, the bulk of the MV is focused on the two as they do adorable things. They wake up in bed together, they take a shower, go to the beach, and share a variety of love scenes that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. It has a drama feel to it, which is a nice way of showing off the relationship the two have.

Not surprisingly, a love MV like this one has a ballad to accompany it and the result is a rather calm release. It’s a bit too slow at times but Tomomi’s voice does a good job of giving the song a bit of a unique feel to it, even if it ends up sounding way too generic as a whole.

So, are you a fan of this release? Let us know below and grab a copy of that single below!

Suki. to Iukoto
Itano Tomomi

itano tomomi suki to iukoto cover limited


itano tomomi suki to iukoto cover regular


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