Country Girls Member Yamaki Risa Joins College Cosmos As Concurrent Member

college cosmos

Country Girls member Yamaki Risa has joined a new idol group called College Cosmos as a concurrent member.

The group is a collaboration effort made by Up-Front and Space Craft Group and features 25 members. These 25 members are all college students at Keio University who perform as idols while continuing their studies.

When Country Girls announced that they would become a part-time group, many fans panicked. Would the group eventually stop performing? Would we see them go their separate ways and be forgotten? Thankfully, that’s not the case and we have seen many online releases in the past year.

With this move, Yamaki becomes the latest member to join a concurrent group, which is a great move since she is talented and I’m incredibly biased towards her. She has cleared up that she will remain a part of Country Girls so there’s no problem from that end.

The group has also released a debut MV for their song titled Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai. The song is already available online and will be available as part of a physical release next year in Spring. It’s rather calm, but it’s worth a listen to see what the group is capable of since their vocals are certainly on point.

This is overall some great news for fans of Yamaki Risa since she will be performing more often. Make sure to stay tuned for more news about College Cosmos!

Kotoba no Mizu wo Roka Shitai
College Cosmos

college cosmos kotoba mizu shitai

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