Kago Ai Announces Her Marriage

Kago Ai

Kago Ai has announced that she has married once again.

Her husband is a 38-year old who owns a company in the beauty industry.

According to the report, it seems like she is incredibly happy that her daughter and her are both deeply loved by her now husband.

Kago Ai has been somewhat of an interesting case in the idol world, with her 1st marriage being the source of a variety of scandals and controversy. Thankfully, she announced her divorce and has since then has remade her life once more.

For now, it seems like she is doing well with her life turning into a success. Congrats Kago Ai!

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  1. Aibon’s had more than her fair share of struggles and misfortune, in both her career and personal life, and it’s always nice to see wonderful things like this happening to her.

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