Yui Ga Dockson Goes Full Gyaru In The MV For “Like a virgin”

yui ga dockson like a virgin

GANG PARADE member Yui Ga Dockson goes full gyaru in the MV for Like a virgin.

Out June 12th, the single will be the first release under WACK’s WcDONALD records label.

GANG PARADE’s Yui Ga Dockson is showing off her singing ability in a unique way with the release of her 1st solo single.

Most people are expecting a rock styled release since that’s what WACK is best known for. But, surprisingly we’re getting a song packed full of fast paced Eurobeat, confused gyaru dancers dancing parapara, and a ton of suggestive/weird visual effects. Add in some disco lights and gyaru makeup for Yui and you have a good idea what to expect: gyaru eurobeat.

Check out this fun and confusing release below and grab a copy of her debut single to show off your support!

Like a virgin
Yui ga Dockson (GANG PARADE)

yui ga dockson like a virgin cover