BiS1st and BiS2nd Visit A Dump and A Fish Market In The MVs For “Don’t miss it!!”

bis1st don't miss it

BiS1st and BiS2nd go to a dump and a fish market in the MVs for their new single titled Don’t miss it!!

Out July 4th, the singles will be released in 4 editions: BiS1st Limited A, BiS1st Limited B, BiS1st Regular, and BiS2nd Regular.

Kicking us off we have BiS1st as they make their way to Hong Kong to do what normal tourists do when they visit a fish market: dance to a heavy idol song in the middle of the streets.

It’s an interesting concept that works well and shows off the power of the song that stops the elderly in their tracks. Yes, they probably stopped because BiS1st is blocking the way, but the fact that the song is heavy and packed full of amazing dance moves is sure to have impressed at least one of them.

bis1st don't miss it
BiS1st – (L to R) Toriaezu Hana, Gozeela, Pan Luna Leafy, Nel Nehru

Visually we get several shots of the group as they dance at the fish mart, in a kitchen, and several other colorful locations. Gozeela absolutely steals the MV with her singing and moves, but each member does their part as the camera sways back and forth. It’s a great MV and a good start to this mess of a single.

Don’t miss it!!

Next up we have BiS2nd, and while it’s not exactly a fish market in Hong Kong we get to see what is arguably the better of the BiS groups as they sing along to the heavy rock beat in a dump.

bis2nd don't miss it
BiS2nd – (L to R) YUiNA EMPiRE, Muropanako, Peri Ubu, Aya Eightprince, Kika Front Frontal, Mewclub

This is traditional WACK at its best: members dancing among trash and getting covered in oil as the heavy track plays. The scenes of them singing from the piles of trash with smoke surrounding them is a treat. Add in some fast paced camera changes and you have a true masterpiece that brings to mind early BiSH MVs.

Don’t miss it!!

While BiS1st might have the flashier MV, the song fits in better with the vocals from BiS2nd simply due to the wide range of vocals they have available. Yes, I’m completely biased because I’m a big fan of both YUiNA and Peri Ubu, but you have to agree that something about singing in a dump feels so right for WACK.

Is the group splitting incredibly confusing? Well get ready because BiS.LEAGUE is in the works. This system will basically rank members based on votes by fans and the 5 top members will be BiS1st for the next single, while the 6th-10th members will be BiS2nd.

It’s a mess.

But for now, make sure to check out both of the MVs and grab your copy of the single below to show your support!

bis1st don't miss it cover regular
BiS1st – Limited A


bis1st don't miss it cover limited
BiS1st – Limited B


bis1st don't miss it cover regular
BiS1st – Regular


bis2nd don't miss it cover regular
BiS2nd – Regular


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